• West Coast Pt. 1

    West Coast Pt. 1

    My journey to the west coast was a long time coming. I went to Oregon and California to visit with old freinds, but along the way I ended up rediscovering my love for creating photographs.

    Having been in a 'drought' of sorts photographically, I tried something I hadn't done in a long time: I shot only film. I left my Fuji at home and limited myself on social media to Snapchat and a couple Instagram videos. The immediacy of digital photography and the constant self-curation of social media was starting to drive me crazy. The images from my past I'm most proud of were shot on film -- long before a nagging voice in my head kept telling me to check every photo on that little screen right after I shot it.

    Without constant self-analysis, I was finally able to shoot freely.

    This is part one of two.